Vibhu Mishra
Web Applications Developer, kathmandu
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The Unicode to Preeti Converter Project is currently in the beta testing phase, there are three versions of the software - (a) Web Based, (b) Windows Based and (c) Macintosh Based.

Due to some technical reasons, I am currently not working on the Windows Based version of the project.

This software can be used to convert text in legacy fonts like Preeti, Kantipur or other Nepali or Hindi (Devanagari Script) Fonts into UTF-8 encoded (unicode) text.

Currently, the supported fonts include Preeti and Kantipur. Support for the fonts will be added in due course of time.

I would like to thank all those who have beta tested the version and their valuable feedback. The comments and suggestion received have gone a long way in identifying possible future problems before they actually occur. I am now working on addressing these problems - followed by a second beta version. If any one is interested in receiving updates and news about this project, contact me.

To know how you can support the development of this project, please contact me. My contact details can be found on this page.

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